On 13th April 2019 the first UK conference for those affected by PMDD was hosted by PMDD & Me to a global audience!

With over 100 people attending in person and over 160 people live streaming from as far away as Australia, Ghana and South America, the event was truly groundbreaking. Lasting friendships were made during and after the event, this being the first time that many had ever met anther PMDD sufferer.

It was also a wonderful time for friendships that had only previously been virtual through social media platforms, to meet face to face! We were also very proud to welcome the family, partners and friends of those affected by this debilitating condition, who came to learn more about PMDD and to learn how to support their loved ones.

During the event we were raising funds for The International Association for Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD) Peer Support Programme, and through your generous donations we raised £150 on the day, which PMDD & Me matched, meaning an astounding £300 put directly into providing 24/7 tailored support for those affected by PMDD, who may not otherwise have anywhere to turn.

We extend a warm thanks to our sponsors, who supported the event both in the planning and preparation, as well as during the day. We also wish to extend our thanks to our speakers who generously donated their time to present on the day. Their time and resources were invaluable and meant that ticket prices were affordable, and that the event ran so smoothly! Thank you!

Our Sponsors:

Check out some of the best pictures from the day below!

Tickets to Conference 2020 are available now! Also available are catch up tickets for the 2019 conference.