Menstrual Hygiene Appeal

Working to #EndPeriodPoverty in 2020
A girl can miss 20% of her education because she does not have suitable sanitary wear.
In Kenya, this increases the chances of entering child marriage and having a teenage pregnancy. She is also more likely to suffer from frequent infections as many girls and women use dirty rags or leaves instead.
A simple gift of just £5 will provide an individual with suitable, reusable, and ecological sustainable sanitary wear for an entire year.
For the price of a coffee you can keep a girl in school and save lives by helping to #EndPeriodPoverty.
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PMDD & Me Meets The Professionals

Throughout 2020, we bring you a series of exclusive webinars where you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest PMDD initiatives, research and pioneering treatments to support you to manage your symptoms.

In each of our webinars, a leading PMDD expert will deliver the highest-quality, evidence-based information in an accessible and engaging format, take your questions and empower you with the education you need to become your own reproductive health advocate

PMDD & Me Meets The Professionals is proud to be sponsored by Asarina Pharma, a Swedish biotech company developing Sepranolone, the world’s first dedicated treatment for PMDD.

Asarina Pharma works responsibly with organisations such as PMDD & Me CIC to raise awareness of the disorder and like us, believe that everyone affected by PMDD has the right to understand the condition.

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