Event Date
April 13, 2019
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
PMDD & Me Conference 2019


PMDD and Me Conference 2019

There once was a woman. We'll call her Alice.

After a long hot summer the autumn came and the dandelions disappeared. Exhausted, Alice slept until the spring. She sat in her garden one morning and out of the corner of her eye she saw a dandelion. Feeling devastated se decided to take action. She spoke with her neighbours and convinced them to tend to their own gardens because she believed the dandelion seeds were coming from them and their lack of due care and attention. Reluctantly they agreed, and yet the dandelions kept coming. Alice's life became completely engrossed in getting rid of the dandelions, so much so Alice forgot to tend to the rest of her garden and the flowers slowly wilted and died.

Finally, Alice wrote to the government, demanding they took action. She posted her letter and waited for their reply. She waited, and waited. Then one day a letter arrived. It was from the government and read:

Dear Alice,

Thank you for your letter regarding your dandelions. After much consideration we have consulted with the leading experts and sought opinions from the most experienced gardeners and have come to a conclusion. We advise you to learn to love your dandelions.

And so Alice did just that. It wasn't easy, and some days Alice couldn't help but pull up all of her dandelions, but over time Alice learned to love her dandelions and see the beauty in all that grew in her garden.